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FiberLocator Online provides access to hundreds of fiber maps, thousands of data centers, and over a million lit building records - from hundreds of carriers - in one convenient platform! We take the time to gather data directly from service providers so you can spend less time researching solutions and more time implementing them!

Solutions for Everyone

Choose the solution that meets your needs.

Whether you need 24/7 access or a one time map of a single area, FiberLocator can help.

  • FiberLocator Online provides on-demand acces to telecom information. 
  • Develop a FiberLocator API to feed our data into your GIS platofrm. 
  • Turn to a Snapshot or Snapshot Bundle for a quick view of telco data in a specific area

Unmatched Data

FiberLocator has data from over 300 carriers.

We work directly with telecom carriers to source the data within our platform.

  • Discover over 400 map layers - including long haul, metro, and international.
  • See over 6,000 data center listings, in thousands of locations. 
  • Find over 1,000,000 lit building addresses.

Convenient Features

Utilize intuitive features within the platform.

FiberLocator's easy-to-use features help you make the most of your subscription. 

  • Search for connectivity in a specified area with distance and radius tools. 
  • Learn when data from select carriers was last updated. 
  • Take advantage of Proprietary Layers to see yoru data alongside ours. 

What Our Users Think

"I don’t know how I lived without FiberLocator.  Between the lit building lists and the fiber maps, I can see everything I need to see very quickly, and I use it every day."
John-Paul Court, Fusion Networks
" FiberLocator is a required tool for anyone selling fiber at a national level. If you are not using FiberLocator today, you are doing your clients a disservice by only providing them with partial options."
Mark Radford, Broadband Consultants
"I wish I had known about this tool 5 years ago. In a few minutes, I am able to see data which would have taken hours to compile. It is one of those tools that makes me wonder how we did business without it."
John A. Shwarze, Converged Network Services Group